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Real Time - Any Time. Anywhere.

H2O Pure Plus® Monitoring is a continuous ‘real time’ multi use measurement and reporting system for a large range of industrial, environmental and water quality parameters.

The system offers Internet- based acquisition and observation of data 24 hours a day seven days a week no matter where you are.

H2O Pure Plus® Monitoring units are 'active' devices! All units carry a built-in TCP/IP web server with live WebPages accessible by any Internet browser. The logging formats displaying the current readings and system settings are richly illustrated.

H2O Pure Plus® Monitoring has an extensive range of customer service support and delivery platforms with data and alarm transmission via email (smtp, pop), ftp, socket application commands, and SMS. Site units are capable of transmitting data and alarms to up to five separate email accounts, five GSM phone numbers and two ftp servers.

The H2O Pure Plus® Monitoring units can be installed in almost any location no matter how remote from operational sustenance. Each facility, can be programmed for data logging and communication according to the specific operational demands, and be left alone to work on its own without the need for ongoing recalibration and maintenance.

Data is transmitted at preset times to defined recipients, no matter where they are – on the same site or on the other side of the world. Each unit incorporates all necessary data transfer protocols and even more importantly is completely independent from any special communication software.

This system is already being used to monitor 190 oil wells in Riyadh deserts, 1500 km of pipe lines, 3 collection points in Jeddah, 12000km of tanker shipping, 2 process facilities in Hamburg all from the headquarters in Denver!

Water Quality

Using proprietary software, probes and sensors, the Internet and the latest telecommunications platforms H2O Pure Plus® Monitoring measures multiple water conditions continuously, and automatically lets you know of adverse readings immediately.

H20 Pure Plus® Monitoring is a secure, dedicated and fail safe service applicable to any situation where water quality parameters needs to be measured. It is ideally suited to the operation of commercial cooling towers, recycled water and wastewater treatment facilities.

The system can constantly monitor any number of sites and is simple and straightforward to install and operate. An instant alert warning alarm is activated via SMS, email and at each location when any abnormalities are detected. An automatic “switch-off” can be triggered.

H2O Pure Plus® Monitoring provides real-time online reports to nominated personnel on demand as well as historic recallable database records of water quality readings.

The measurements for up to a dozen different variable water quality conditions include parameters, which allow the deadly Legionella pneumophila bacteria to thrive. Standard readings cover PH, Conductivity, ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

The internet interface is easy to read and provides the ‘safety net’ regulators, water quality operators, commercial property managers and the insurance industry require in this litigious world.

Users of H20 Pure Plus® Monitoring can log in to their own secure site to access up to the minute water quality status as well as auditable records covering operational variations and maintenance history over hours, days, weeks, months and years.

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